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Picked before spring rains and Qing Ming Festival, this is the most revered Lung Ching tea. Lung Ching, or Long Jing, can only come from the West Lake area of Hangzhou, China. The pale yellow-green liquor yields a delicate sweetness. Yields 3 infusions.
Origin: Hanzhou, China, Linan Tian Mu Shan Tea Garden
Caffeine Level: Med-High
Brewing Time: 1-1.5 minutes, multiple infusions
Water Temperature: 175-185°F

Source: Longjing Village 

Farming Methods: Natural farming – EU Compliant

Production Methods: Tea Plucking-Slight withering-Frying in ten complicated steps.

This delicate, first harvest tea is plucked before April 4 or 5, prior to the arrival of the spring rains and the Qing Ming Festival. The young leaves are extra small.

Long Jing is the most famous Chinese tea and usually ranks #1 on the 10 Famous Chinese tea lists. This tea originates in the Xihu lakeside, outside the city of Hangzhou in the West Lake District.  Elmwood owner Bruce Richardson spent a week in those gardens in 2018. 

The processing of top grade Long Jing tea is almost all done in a thick iron pan and fried by hand. The seemingly simple processing is a very intricate and difficult work of art.

The first sip has the aroma and sweetness of a fresh melon. The finish is vegetative with a hint of spring asparagus. Easily yields multiple infusions.

We were only able to obtain a kilogram of this tea, mainly for our World Tea Academy tasting kits. We have a limited supply to share with our customers.

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