Victoria E. McLure - 24 / Apr / 2023

What in the world is this for?

What in the world is this for?

What in the world is this for?

Working in a kitchen store is such fun.  Really, it is.  One great part of that fun is having people come up with something in hand and ask "what in the world is this for???"  With that in mind, I surveyed the staff to find out what people really want to know about.

It may be a spice or a kitchen gadget.  Either way, it's fun to explain.  

One of my personal favorites is the cookie dropper.  Twice I have had customers come in with a photo.  They have shown it to me and said they have asked everywhere and no one could tell them what it was.  There is a certain amount of smug satisfaction which goes along with the ability to identify this offbeat tool.  

    You scoop the cookie dough onto the flat plate and then release the scraper.  The dough drops onto the cookie sheet.  

The next time you see one of these in an antique store or at a yard sale, you can impress everyone with your knowledge!


According to Linda, potato feet generate alot of questions.  After all, they look like a stray part from Mr. Potato Head.  

These are very handy little gizmos.  You poke your potato all over with the spikes.  Then, put the potato on the spikes and then into the microwave.  Your potato will cook faster and more evenly.  

Marilyn came up with two items.  The first is the rolling circle cutter.    This is incredibly handy if you need to cut a number of circles.  Making biscuits for 200?  This is much faster than a cutter.  100 round cookies?  Use this.  While you might not use it every day, it is one of those tools you keep handy because when you need it, you need it.

The second item on Marilyn's list is the potato peeling fork.  This is another one of those tools your wonder about, find out what it is, and wonder where it has been all your life.  You spear your raw potato on the super sharp pronges and it holds it while you peel it.  According to Marilyn, it makes peeling potatos so much easier and faster.  

What gadgets have your wondered about?  Are there ingredients which puzzle you?  Let us know!  I'll be happy to share the info in another blog.


Happy cooking!


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