Ankarsrum mixers are, quite possibly, the best in the world.  It is built to last and because it is designed to be repaired, not replaced, it is the last mixer you will ever purchase.  Every customer who has bought one from us has been delighted with it. 

Six of us at the store own these mixers and we all use them.  Some of us bake more bread, others use them for pasta.  Some of us are more cake and cookie bakers.  In all cases, we have found that the Ankarsrum is superior to anything else we have used.

The large capacity mixing bowl means that double and triple batches of cookies, bread, and cakes are a breeze.  Since the motor is in the bottom, the open bowl design means that it is easy to add ingredients and see what is going on in the bowl.  The roller more closely mimics hand kneading because it presses the dough rather than tears it like a dough hook.  This leads to better gluten development.  

The beater bowl, used for brownie/thin cake batter, egg whites, egg yolks, whipping cream, butter cream icing and cheesecakes, among other goodies, is very efficient.  Items whip much faster and better.  

There are numerous attachments for the Ankarsrum.  If you process your own sausage or like to grind your own meat, there are 4 different meat mincer attachments, depending on your needs.  There is a grain mill if you like to grind your own flour or corn.  The pasta attachments make everything from lasagna to fettucine to spaghetti.  The graters make working with vegetables a breeze. The ice cream maker, new in 2022, is easy to use and efficient. In other words, the attachments available will cover just about every task you need to complete in the kitchen.

We normally have a range of colors in the store.  However,  if there is a color you want that we do not have, we are happy to order it for you.  Depending on supply, it could take one to two months to receive a special order.

Please give us a call or come by the store and we will be happy to give you complete information.  In addition, once you purchase your mixer, we are happy to help you in person, on the phone, or via email if you have questions.

If you would like to send us your email address, we will add you to the Ankarsrum mailing list.  We send out information on demonstrations, specials, and new products.  Email [email protected] to get on the list.

The link to the US manual is below.  It provides much more information about the Ankarsrum and what it can do.