About us

A Glance at the Rich History of Der Küchen Laden

For a little kitchenware shop, Der Küchen Laden has cooked up a rich history. It all started in 1979 when Jan and Lou Buehn first opened their 700-square foot kitchenware store in Fredericksburg, TX. In 1981, the couple moved Der Küchen Laden to the historic Albert Lee Patton Building, where they expanded the store space to 1,400-square feet.

Then in 1993, Jerry and Penny-Perry Hughes purchased the store but kept the name and the foundation that the Buehns had built. Now, it has become our mantra to not “screw up” the foundation that had been laid for us.

In 1995, we changed the store logo by accident after our twin daughters were born. What started as a printed photo of the twins on a Thank You card we had made for our supportive community snowballed into our new logo.

Melissa Starry, our photographer, exclaimed, “Der Küchen Laden: for the little chef in all of us!” The image and tagline of our business were thus born.

In 2000, we moved to yet another historic building, the Keidel Memorial Hospital. According to Elise Kowert, the author of Old Homes and Buildings of Fredericksburg, the building was first built as the Priess Building around 1878. It served various purposes until Dr. Keidel (Penny's grandfather) remodeled it and added the hospital wing in 1937. The Keidel hospital served the community for over 40 years until a new community hospital was built. The Keidel Hospital remained a clinic until the 90's. 


The Der Küchen Laden As We Know It

The 3,500-square foot store is well-known for its full range of baking items. It was even recognized by the Gourmet magazine on its April 2009 issue among an eclectic collection of other kitchenware and gadgets displayed in themed rooms. The store also serves as a welcome respite to many veteran and amateur kitchen lovers. We strive to offer both unique items that may only appeal to a few folks, as well as those items we believe every person should have in their kitchen. You will find the quirkiest gadget, German cookie molds and the trendiest new cookbook or tool within our walls. 

Our girls are now grown up and won’t fit into these bowls anymore, while the store has grown with them. Regardless, we’re proud that we never lost its history, foundation, and love of the “little chef in all of us.” Come visit us and be inspired!