Victoria E. McLure - 29 / Nov / 2021

Welcome to the Holidays!

Welcome to the Holidays!

Welcome to the Holidays!

I don't know about anyone else, but being an adult during the holiday season is a bit stressful.  When I was a kid, the holidays were amazing!  No school.  Lots of goodies.  Santa.  And, on December 24th and 25th, I was in kid heaven.  On Christmas Eve, my mother's very extended family came to our house.  The table was full of food and the house was full of people.  And, since we lived in Houston, the air-conditioning was often on so no one melted.  Christmas Day we went to my paternal grandmother's house for Christmas Breakfast--with about 8 around the table.  After she died, the breakfast came to our house.  Then, we went to my maternal grandmother's family farm.  After that, we went to dinner at my great-aunts' house.  

I have no idea how my parents survived.  My mother talks about mopping punch off of the kitchen floor at 2:00 am.--and then getting woken up at some ridiculous hour by a kid anxious to see what Santa brought.  Until I was in college, all I remember is being in a food and gift coma.  By the time I was in college and was drafted to do more, I realized just what it took to put everything together.  Now, as a past middle age adult living with my mother, all I can say is that I am very much in favor of a Charlie Brown Christmas tree and frozen biscuits.  Not really, but working in retail does not leave much time for planning.  All of my friends know that if they get Christmas presents by Valentine's Day, they are lucky.  

I do love Christmas, but I wish I could move a little slower.  With that in mind, let us help you make your holidays easier.  We are happy to take your orders over the phone or help you in the store.  We offer gift wrapping for $2.50 per package.  We have gifts from $1.99 and up.  The Christmas teas and goodies are in.  This year we have Mrs. Bridge's lemon curd and preserves from Scotland, as well as toffee, caramels and shortbread.  The holiday towels are amazing and we also have napkins and matching placemats.  

Check our newsletter and Facebook page for holiday recipes - or talk to us!  We all have our favorites.

We hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and are having a delightful lead up to Hanukkah and Christmas.


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