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Stocking Stuffing for Beginners

Stocking Stuffing for Beginners

Stocking Stuffing for Beginners

In my opinion, there is an art to stocking stuffing.  I have had stockings since I was a small child.  My first had Santa Mouse on it. I loved that stocking!  I picked it out myself because I loved the book.  The second stocking was made by my Aunt Charlene.  It is granny squares in red, white, and green and has my name embroidered on it.  The third and last was made by my grandmother.  One year, she was visiting my Aunt Charlene and wanted handwork.  They went to the yarn/needlework shop and she bought a crewel stocking kit.  I don’t know how many she made overall, but it was a lot!  All of them are works of art.  Mine from Granny has bunnies on it.  

For years, my parents, my grandmother and I hung our stockings on the mantel.  I was in college by that time and every year, I tried to find something special to put in everyone’s stocking.  I normally went the food route.  None of us actually needed any “thing,” so consumables were always welcome.  There was a gourmet food store where I lived, and the owner always had wonderful Christmas goodies.  One year I got Scottish butterscotch.  That was also where I was introduced to Lindor truffles.  The fact that any of those ever made it into the stockings was a flat out miracle. If I had time, I always tried to bake something to go in the stockings.  Years ago, it was cookies.  I have now graduated to caramels and English toffee.  

The stuffing in my stocking was always a big surprise - usually a piece of jewelry or a pretty box.  Sometimes socks - you know you are an adult when socks are a great present.  Other little things that were funny or practical were in there as well.

Many of the stockings I stuff now are metaphorical.  After all, a stocking doesn't have to be a stocking.  It can be a gift bag, a box, or an envelope.  The most important thing is that the gift or gifts are something you have thought about.  As an adult, I guess stockings get a little less fun and a little more practical.  I told a customer earlier this week that you know you are a grown up when you want socks for Christmas.  (And yes, I do need socks.  If someone could let Santa know, I would appreciate it.)  But, practical does not have to mean un-fun.  After all, there are loads of practical items that are fun.  As a tea drinker, I love getting tea toys - fun strainers and tea bag holders are always a hit.  Really good packs of coffee are a tasty treat for the coffee drinkers on your list.  One of our most popular stocking stuffers is a Euroscrubby.  It's a very robust scrubber that you can use on anything from the sink to the tub to cookware.  People will buy a half a dozen at a time to give to family and friends.  We buy them 250 at a time and just got a shipment it - grab yours while we have them.  

We also have shortbread, caramels and fudge from Scotland, as well as jam, salsa, barbeque sauce and dip mixes and rubs from our friends at Fredericksburg Farms. Our gadget section has some fun items like vegetable peelers and banana slicers.  For your wine aficionados, we have bottle openers, foil cutters and  bottle stoppers. 

No matter who is on your list, we can help you find what you need to make all of your stockings extra special.



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    Thank you so much! More to come in the New Year!

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    Very nice blog post. I definitely love this site.

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