Victoria E. McLure - 22 / Sep / 2021

Oktoberfest Is Almost Here!

Oktoberfest Is Almost Here!

Oktoberfest is back.......and we have lots of fun planned!

What is better than seeing your's truly in a dirndl?  Coming into Der Küchen Laden and seeing all of the wonderful demonstrations and trying all of the samples!  

Let's face it, me in a dirndl is pretty awesome, but the demos and food will be much more exciting.

For a variety of reasons, we will not have Zwilling Fest this year.  But, we are planning an incredible amount of fun for Saturday.  We will feature all of the Fredericksburg products that you cannot find anywhere else, so come ready to get some incredible gifts for your friends and family.

I will be demonstrating how to make Springerles, the German cookies you use the wonderful cookie molds or rolling pins for.  Did you know you can also use them with clay or paper casting?  I will have examples of both for you to look at.  

We will also be sampling out peppermint cookies, molasses cookies, pfeffermüss, and soft pretzels.  All of our goodies will be homemade and yes, there will be recipes.

Despite all of the craziness, I do love Oktoberfest.  My parents worked as volunteers there for 30 years.  My late father was the treasurer for about a decade and then president and my mother worked with the accounting.  She is the one of the three of us who does not have to take off her socks to balance her checkbook.  My father happily wore his lederhosen and my mother her dirndls.  He thought it was hysterical when visitors would slyly snap photos.  I knew that on Oktoberfest weekend I would never be able to call them - they were there from early morning to well past midnight.

Since I am in the store all weekend, I seldom get to the actual Oktoberfest, but I do get to see all of the visitors.  They are having so much fun and are so excited.  Yes, traffic is ridiculous and finding a parking place is about like finding gas station sushi less than a year old, but it is still exciting.  

The weather is finally getting cooler and the excitement in the air is exhilarating.  And yes, I am truly nuts.

So, come join us for the insanity.  We promise to save a cookie for you!



A blast from the past - me as a Texas Tech German Dancer!  I'm the one on the far right.

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