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A preview of fall and happiness

It seems that fall has come to Texas - sort of.  While it is still warm, we no longer turn into puddles of goo simply by walking out the door.  Plus, the early mornings and nights are getting cool.  

I really love fall.  The leaves start to turn (and fall...and fall....and fall.....) and my heart turns to thoughts of soup, tea, and baking.  At last, I can turn on the oven and not drip.  I can eat soup and drink hot tea without having to have a fan blowing on me at high speed.  Plus, I can pull out my heirloom quilts.

In the store, fall (and, dare I say it, Christmas) are arriving every day.  It's always exciting to watch the seasons turn here.  We love getting new merchandise.  While we always have old favorites, there is always something new to ooh and goo over.  Susie will find new fall towels that are always gorgeous.  Penny looks for new cookware or new colors in what we already carry.  Celenia is on the hunt for cookie cutters and fun kid products.  Vicky hunts down new gadgets.  I am the tea person and pore over catalogs.  And no, I did not succumb to the delights of Drunken Concubine, Golden Snail or (shudder) Camel's Breath.  However, should you wish to imbibe, let me know and I will pass on my source.

My first thoughts in the fall are (no surprise) of hot tea.  I drink a pot of tea every morning in the fall, winter, and early spring.  Don't ask me what day I change.  I just wake up one morning and suddenly, it's tea time.  The pot and my cups and saucers get dusted off and I start staring at tea.  I buy tea like other people buy eggs.  My excuse is that I am the tea buyer, so of course I have to sample.  Hey, whatever works, right? 

My favorite from last winter was Smith Tea's Black Lavender.  It is oolong and Lapsang souchong  blended with lavender and rose petals.  And no, it does not taste like perfume.  It is a full-bodied, multilayered blend that is wonderfully aromatic.  For those of you not familiar with Lapsang souchong, it is a smoked tea.  A variation is also called Russian Caravan Tea. 

Both teas were the results of accidents.  In the case of the Russian Caravan, camel trains would transport tea from China to Russia.  Since the caravans had to stop for the night along the route, the tea took on the smoky flavor of the campfires.  In the case of Lapsang souchong, on version is that when, in 1646, when villagers were fleeing the Qing soldiers who were advancing on them. The rather odorous tea was then shipped to the Dutch - who then ordered more.  Pure Lapsang souchong or Caravan Tea is an acquired taste.  A friend in college once told me it tasted like wet socks.!  Blended in the Black Lavender, it simply gives more layers to the flavor. The blending is precise and the flavor is extremely subtle.  

We also have two favorites back in stock - Republic of Tea's Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice!  Lots of you are fans of these wonderful fall teas.  So, stock up now!  I think the entire world loves both of these teas.  

What are your favorite teas?  Let us know!

Also, we are working on our ecommerce site.  I would really like feedback from you.  Simply go to  Der Kuchen Laden   and roam around.  Please send feedback.  We want to make your online experience easy.  Even if you shop with us in person, I would love to know what you think.  You may either put comments at the end of this blog or send them to me directly - victoria@littlechef. com.

Have a happy beginning of fall!



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