Victoria E. McLure - 23 / Dec / 2021

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

To say the last two years has been an adventure is something of an understatement.  But, we have made it through.  

Between the pandemic, a new computer system, setting up e-commerce, and the normal insanities of life, I think all of us are a bit greyer.  

However, throughout all of this, we have had you, our amazing customers and friends, all around us.  In the midst of the shut-down, people would randomly call or email to make sure we were still around.  Several of us were in the office keeping things going and we would get numerous phone calls for coffee shipments. It got to be funny.  One day, we had three calls in 5 minutes, all for shipments of the same kind of coffee!  

The one good thing about the shut down was that we got our new computer system in without having to disrupt business.  Like all computer systems, it has been a blessing and a curse.  There are days we love it and days we want to go back to stone tablets and a chisel.

Again, through all of this, you, our customers and friends, have been here.  You are the ones who have kept us growing and thriving.  You are the ones who make us laugh on a daily basis.  You let us tease you and you let us drive you crazy as we ask you for the 100th time if we can help you with anything.  

We are delighted to be a part of your birthdays, holidays, weddings, and bridal showers.  We love helping you pick out presents that will be perfect for the recipients.  

All of this to say, without all of you, there would be no us.  We appreciate your patronage and your patience.  Always know, we are here for and because of you.  We love talking to you, whether on the phone or in person or via email.  We a delighted to answer questions and share recipes.  

Have a wonderful holiday season and a fabulous New Year!


Your friends at Der Küchen Laden


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