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  • WHITE TRUFFLES w/GREY SEA SALT: White truffles from the countryside of northern Italy are a rare and exceptional delicacy. Here they are delicately fused with hand-harvested Atlantic grey sea salt. When you want to elevate the flavor of avocado, scrambled eggs, french fries and popcorn, reach for Italian White Truffle Salt.
  • EARTHY FINE SEA SALT: The musky aroma of the white truffle blended with sea salt adds a rich, earthy flavor to hors d'oeuvres, risotto, plant based cheese, Italian pasta, salads and organic vegetables.
  • TRUFFLES SEA SALT INGREDIENTS: This all natural kosher salt blend is made with Atlantic gray sea salt and real white Italian truffles from Northern Italy. Try it on avocado toast for a delicious breakfast treat.


White truffles are rare delicacies from the northern Italian countryside. In this blend they are delicately fused with hand-harvested Atlantic grey sea salt for a seasoning that will bring a rich, earthy flavor to pasta, risotto, cheese, salad and vegetables. Use it to lend a gourmet touch to hors d'oeuvres, or add it to a cheese and wine gift basket. It’s also a delicious on French fries and popcorn. Try it on vegan scrambled eggs, truffle mac and cheese, avocado, grilled steak, organic roasted vegetables and vegan mac.

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